Unlocking More Profits

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Clear By Integrity was born out of a desire to provide dentists the best way to profit from the exploding demand for clear aligners.

Boost Your Aligner Revenue

Unfortunately, dentists have had to pay far too much for clear aligners which limits their ability to do more cases and serve more patients. At the same time, direct-to-consumer companies offer lower prices for inferior aligners and are growing exponentially. Clear By Integrity costs up to 55% less than other leading aligner companies and provides incredible results for patients.

Capitalizing on Demand

We are your partner for capitalizing on the growing demand for clear aligners.

Making it Simple

With a streamlined workflow, Clear By Integrity is designed specifically for general dentists.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of orthodontic experts is ready to give you and your patients total support.

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Making Your Practice More Competitive

Clear By Integrity is simply the best alternative to other leading aligner brands.

We are more affordable, more accessible, and more attractive. Our exclusive Max Comfort solution and lower prices will help you stay ultra competitive in this ever changing market.